03 February 2012

Threat to Social Security Death Index Access

Reposted from http://rootdig.blogspot.com/   28 January 2012

Threats to the SSDI
There is a move afoot in Congress to restrict access to the SSDI. Genealogists know that banks and other agencies use the Master Death File in an attempt to prevent fraud. The availability of this information does not increase fraud. Crooks have other means to defraud based upon identities. The restriction of the SSDI is being done as a knee-jerk reaction.

A copy of H. R. 3475 is here.
Information on the 2 February 2012 hearing is here.  Societies and groups can file formal written responses here.

Let your representatives in Washington know that you do NOT support this bill. Remind them that:
  • information on many deaths is easily available in newspapers and obituaries as well.
  • the ability to easily determine who is already dead makes it easier for agencies to COMBAT fraud
  • this is a knee-jerk reaction
To obtain your Congressional representatives addresses or find out whom your representative
is go to: